Project Spotlights

Oil Field VFD variable frequency drive

Expanse’s VFD Exchange Program Saves Producer Nearly $30,000 in Potential Lost Production

A pumping unit for a major oil producer’s well was down. The equipment outage resulted in a total loss of production at the facility. Expanse’s fast service turnaround time prevented the well from being offline for up to two weeks…

Rod pump VFD variable frequency drive

Same-day Service Minimizes Pumping Unit Shutdown Impact

A well operator’s surface pumping unit system unexpectedly shutdown due to a power surge causing a halt in production.The unexpected downtime meant that time was of the essence to troubleshoot the problem and repair the unit to get it back online…

SCADAPack Installation

SCADA Remote Monitoring Reduces Cost, Time and Risk

A Permian Basin oil operator with 170 wells asked Expanse to evaluate their sites and establish remote monitoring capabilities. Expanse implemented remote monitoring at a number of the customer’s tank batteries and the results were immediate…

RTU Flow

Utilizing Single RTU Device to Control and Monitor Modulated Valves Results in $15,000 Savings

A private exploration and production company added a gas lift prefabricated skid to its site that did not have the correct hardware to control the modulating valves and interface with the other site equipment. Looking for the best and most economical solution they turned to Expanse…

Wireless radio frequency implementation

Reduce Communications Costs in the Field with Wireless RF

Having access to operational data in real time is now a requirement for most producers to efficiently manage their operations and cut costs. Cost effective communication solutions are integral to achieving those goals. Expanse’s automation and communications solutions can support operators in designing, installing and maintaining these networks…

electrical pole line construction

Expanse’s Flexgrid™ Power-Saving Solutions

Industry operators in remote areas require unique, reliable and cost-effective electrical solutions. Expanse has developed its Flexgrid™ package to help customers identify the best way to power their sites while minimizing costs and avoiding disruptions. Expanse’s Flexgrid™ solution takes a comprehensive view of power utilization for each customer’s site…

Water irrigation

Rural Site Visit Provides One-Hour Fix of Malfunctioning Municipal Well Pump

A rural municipality’s freshwater PLC-controlled well pump ceased to function. The pump was part of a system that provides quality and dependable water to users in central Montana. As such, it was essential to quickly troubleshoot the problem and repair the pump to get it back online…


Summer Preventative Maintenance

Excessive heat can cause equipment to operate outside its designed temperature limits. Prolonged exposure to excessive heat can reduce the operating life of electronic hardware, require derating of power supplies, change circuit protection performance, and contribute to overload conditions. Expanse offers comprehensive solutions to keep your equipment operating at optimum capacity…

winter power lines

Winter Preventative Maintenance

One thing we can guarantee about the weather is its unpredictability. That means you never know when the temperatures will drop suddenly, and the first snowfall will arrive. Waiting to winterize equipment after it’s too late can result in damaged components, increased downtime and unexpected repair costs. It is important to have a proactive facility and equipment maintenance plan in place and implement it during early fall to ensure your assets can weather a winter storm…

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