Complete LifecycleLow and Medium Voltage Drive Services

Low and medium voltage drives require special knowledge to optimize drive performance. Our experts are well versed in a multitude of drive and pump technologies. Their years of field experience enable them to understand the special characteristics, needs and requirements of each unique application.

We take a holistic approach to our drive services. From design, start-up, commissioning and programing to troubleshooting, repair and support, we aim to provide long-term support throughout a drive’s entire lifecycle.

Save Precious Time and Extend the Life of Your Drives

Expanse provides preventative maintenance and support to minimize unexpected failures and prolong the life of your drives. However, when time is of the essence, our highly experienced drive technicians are ready and available to support your immediate maintenance needs. No more waiting weeks for servicing.

With Expanse branch locations strategically positioned close to client assets, we efficiently deploy our drive technicians who utilize the latest equipment to diagnose problems and troubleshoot malfunctioning components for a quick solution. Whether a problem is in the equipment, electrical supply or electrical control panel, our technicians can troubleshoot and resolve the issue in short order.

Same-day Service Minimizes Pumping Unit Shutdown Impact

A well operator’s surface pumping unit system unexpectedly shutdown due to a power surge causing a halt in production. The unexpected downtime meant that time was of the essence to troubleshoot the problem and repair the unit to get it back online.

Restore a Drive to Like New

Replacing obsolete power components, rather than the entire drive, results in a like-new asset that easily integrates into your current configuration. At Expanse, we provide the highest level of drive component refurbishment services.



Medium Voltage Power Control Equipment Integration Services

Medium voltage power control equipment requires special knowledge to optimize motor performance. Our experts at Expanse are well-versed in a variety of MV OEM technology. This knowledge paired with years of field experience enables our team to understand the special characteristics, needs and requirements of each unique MV application. We provide troubleshooting, repair, modification, and programming services for a variety of MV power control equipment with a special focus on:

  • MV Full Voltage Starters
  • MV Soft Starters RVSS
  • MV Variable Frequency Drives
  • MV Synchronous Transfer Systems


Expanse Covers Your System’s Full Service Lifecycle


Thorough application analysis determines system specifications to ensure optimal results.


Startup teams with specialized training verify installation after construction via testing and instrument calibration for a seamless transition from design to commissioning.


Ongoing support of operations includes proper documentation, system monitoring and troubleshooting to maximize uptime.


Routine maintenance, servicing and calibration maximizes optimization of existing installations and instrumentation.


VFD Start Up & Commissioning

  • Drive Configuration
  • Control signal verification
  • Perform static checks
  • Functional testing
  • Load cells (wired/wireless)
  • Motor insulation testing
  • Speed sensors
  • Verify incoming electrical supply and phase rotation
  • Verify correct sensor placement
  • Install sensor and instrument cables
  • Verify proper grounding
  • Verify proper wire sizing and torque requirements
VFD Variable Frequency Drive

VFD Programming

  • Assist with RPC configuration
  • Configure application-specific parameters
  • Control system integration
  • Provide configuration documentation
  • Configure communications equipment
VFD Programming

VFD Troubleshooting

  • Overcurrent/overloads, thermal alarms
  • Ground short circuit alarms, DC bus overvoltage alarms
  • Instrumentation troubleshooting
  • POC/RPC troubleshooting
  • Board diagnostics
  • Motor and cable insulation testing
Medium Voltage Drive

VFD Repair

  • Expanse repairs most VFDs with few exclusions
  • 24/7 service and support
  • Diagnostic reports
  • Stocked components for quick turnaround
  • Drive component refurbishment
  • Functional verification
  • Drive exchange program
VFD Repair
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