Enhance Wireless Communication in Remote Locations Utilizing Expanse Telemetry Solutions

Having access to operational data in real time is now a requirement for most producers to efficiently manage their operations and reduce costs. Robust, yet cost effective, communication solutions are integral to achieving those goals. Our solutions can support operators in designing, installing and maintaining networks utilizing our telemetry services to reliably transmit large volumes of data, providing detailed insights for decision making.

Telemetry Analysis Significantly Increases Customer Wireless System Strength

An operator reached out to Expanse after experiencing significant communication issues on a system installed by another company. Research on the system revealed that the antenna was not optimally positioned. As a result of Expanse’s propagation study, the antenna was repositioned to produce the best signal strength possible, resolving the issue.

Benefits of Wireless Radio Frequency (RF)
  • Privately Networked – Reduce expenditures on monthly cellular services
  • Enhanced Security – Less exposure to hacking/exploitation compared to cellular and broadband internet systems
  • System Integration – Integrate IT and operational technologies to optimize field management remotely
  • Deployment/Scalability – Easily and rapidly deploy additional locations utilizing the Wireless RF infrastructure

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Improving Wireless Line of Sight

One of the most important factors in designing a wireless system is how the RF signals will propagate between the transmitter and receiver. To achieve a reliable RF link, careful planning, including a radio path study should be performed. In addition, the study will provide equipment recommendations and antenna locations. Our path studies use a variety of resources to accurately map the path between endpoints. This will determine the best path, the Fresnel Zone obstructions, the required signal strength at the transmitter, and receiver sensitivity.


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