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Network Security

Secure and Isolate Your Devices and Data with Hosted Private Networks

Connected devices and networks present an increased attack surface area for those with malicious intent. While each company’s architectural needs vary, Expanse ensures the networks we plan, design and commission minimize the attack surface and mitigate risks with private networks.

Implementing a hosted private network (HPN) enables us to isolate and secure your cellular network from the rest of the internet. Your network is still able to use cellular technology to ensure device access in remote locations.

End-to-End Encrypted Data

Expanse utilizes Hosted Private Networks to provide end-to-end SCADA and data acquisition security. HPNs provide network isolation to add an additional level of security.

HPN enables utilization of mobile devices in a secure manner:
  • Provides a private subnet sized to your requirements
  • Ensures only authorized users have access to your network/data
  • Operates on a reliable high-speed cellular network

Service Spotlight

Open Network Costs Company $1.5 Million

An open network makes it significantly easier for those looking to cause harm to do so. One company unfortunately learned this the hard way when utilizing a public network via standard cellular services for PLC communications. Hackers were able to identify hardware on-site and target it with malware, causing data overruns and SCADA disruption.

These nefarious individuals found the public IP addresses and utilized them to access the hardware. With an HPN, IP addresses are no longer exposed to the public due to the equipment existing behind the secured firewall.


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Network Security

  • Provides a secure connection from your local network to your remote cellular network
  • VPN server to allow employees secure access to HPN
  • Setup of isolated and secure cellular network
  • 24/7 network monitoring and support
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