We Work Safe or Not At All

We will work safely or not at all for those around us and who depend on us; working safely begins every day.

Working safely is an Expanse Core Value. It is engrained in our culture. Every action we take centers around operating in a manner that places the highest priority on the health and safety of our workforce and protection of assets, communities and the environment.

We maintain management systems and programs designed to promote responsible Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) practices and ensure compliance with all applicable laws, regulations and internal requirements, as well as to facilitate the continuous improvement of our processes, products and personnel.

Nothing is more important than an individual’s safety and well-being.


Safety Programs

We have a PROACTIVE approach to safety. All employees are actively engaged in our programs, and we believe that all incidents are PREVENTABLE.

Stop Work Authority

Drop It and Stop It – Stop Work Authority Program

All employees of Expanse and its contractors have the right and responsibility to use their Stop Work Authority via our “Drop It and Stop It” program, if an unsafe act or condition is identified or the control of HSE risk is not clearly established or understood.

Safety Observation Program

Behavior-Based Safety Observation Program (BBS)

Our employee-driven, behavior-based safety observation program rewards our employees for providing feedback on their own and their peers’ daily safety behavior. The program provides us with leading indicators from the field perspective, enabling us to continually adjust and improve each work environment to make them as safe as possible.

Safety Portal

Safety Portal

Expanse’s Safety Portal is a one-stop safety management system that provides our employees electronic access to training, procedures, reports, forms, equipment inspections and sub-contractor management.

Why I Work Safe

“Why I Work Safe”

Expanse’s “Why I Work Safe” program serves to remind us all the true driver behind the importance of working safe – the impact on our families, our friends, our community, our health and our way of life.

Safety Management Engagement

Management Engagements

Our commitment to safe operations begins at the top. Management actively participates in driving our safety culture with actionable and meaningful engagement via high-level support as well as in-field, on-site assessments.

Job Site Assessments

Job Site Assessments

Expanse utilizes structured job site assessments to continually evaluate our in-field performance. These assessments are completed prior to every job with a key focus on our identified top five (5) SIF (Significant Injury/Fatality) activities. Each assessment includes a list of “triggers” that activate additional checklists of safe job site requirements that must be completed prior to commencement of work.

Toolbox Talks

Toolbox Talks

Our Toolbox Talks email is distributed weekly to our foremen to communicate with their crews. It serves as a way to share important safety updates including any significant near miss information, BBS feedback, Drop It and Stop It reports and management engagement trends.

Safety Training Programs


Training is the cornerstone of our safety programs. From our two-day new hire training program to our comprehensive career-path driven offerings, we invest in education and training to ensure all employees are armed with the knowledge and tools to do a job right.

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