Communication Networking

Ensure Robust,Secure and Reliable Network Connectivity

Expanse specializes in building robust and reliable communication solutions through hardwired and wireless networks. These networks simultaneously deliver broadband speeds while forming a scalable end-to-end communication foundation to securely support multiple fixed and mobile applications.

Why Expanse

Expand Your Network While Maintaining Top Speeds

Expanse’s networking communication solutions support the development and growth of high-capacity fiber optic cable infrastructure. We provide:

  • Fiber optic fusion terminations
  • Optical testing and inspection
  • Fiber cable management and installation
Why Expanse

Access Operational Data in Real Time

Telemetry services help enhance wireless communication in remote locations. Our solutions are in place to help strengthen systems reach. They include:

  • Propagation and path studies
  • Installation
  • Support and repair
  • Hosted Private Networks and VPN services
Why Expanse

Secure Your Cellular Data

Expanse aims to simplify automation technology in terms of programming, integration and setup. We understand the importance of providing flexibility and reconfigurability to accommodate a range of components, equipment, software and future expansion. To do so we provide:

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