Electrical System Infrastructure Solutions

Expanse’s electrical turnkey offerings encompass a system’s lifecycle from design and construction to commissioning, service and maintenance. We offer our clients solutions for high, medium and low voltage electrical system infrastructures, while also providing solutions for the entire electrical instrumentation and control technical spectrum. Our I&E team’s support from equipment design and specification through routine maintenance and upgrades ensures built-in efficiencies and individual project requirements that yield maximum productivity.

Why Expanse

Maximizing Power Efficiencies

Through project parameter analysis and our power system engineering services, Expanse determines system specifications to design and implement electrical systems that meet growing technical requirements and ensure reliable power distribution.

  • Design for network calculation and dimensioning
  • Verify installation after construction
  • Integrated testing and instrument calibration
  • seamless transition from design to commissioning
Why Expanse

Driving Power System Safety and Reliability

Even the most reliable and rugged electrical assets are subject to wear and aging. To avoid expensive failures and downtime, your equipment needs excellent ongoing care. Expanse services support the entire lifecycle of your devices, maintaining them to operate at peak performance. We minimize OPEX capital expenditures and reduce lifecycle costs.

  • Conduct planned maintenance and inspections
  • Provide repair, spare parts and emergency services
  • Perform modernizations and extensions
Why Expanse

Reducing Power Costs with Optimization Solutions

Cutting energy costs is one of the easiest ways to reduce operational costs. Expanse offers a comprehensive Power Optimization Report which provides a holistic view of a facility’s power utilization and power source. Our Flexgrid™ solution has the potential to reduce electrical power while also improving reliability.

  • Discover current power utilization by conducting load studies
  • Analyze information from load study findings and performing financial analysis of current system
  • Propose ways to significantly reduce power costs through a Power Optimization Report
  • Execute recommendations
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Electrical Services

  • Low and High Voltage Wiring Installation and Testing
  • Medium and Low Voltage Substations / Power and Control Buildings
  • Power and Lighting Panels
  • Lightning Protection
  • Field Electrification
  • Cable Tray and Conduit Installation and Maintenance
  • Heat Trace Installation and Maintenance
  • Motor Control Centers, Switchgear and Transformers
  • Grounding
  • Power System Analysis
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