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Same-day Service Minimizes Pumping Unit Shutdown Impact

A well operator’s surface pumping unit system unexpectedly shutdown due to a power surge causing a halt in production. The unexpected downtime meant that time was of the essence to troubleshoot the problem and repair the unit to get it back online.

Due to the well’s location, the company that provided the equipment was quoting a minimum of 3 days until they could be on-site to troubleshoot the issue. The operator could not afford the cost of lost production associated with each day of downtime.

Expanse was contacted by the operator as a company known for its technical expertise related to electrical and automation systems. An Expanse engineer was onsite within hours of the call. Inspection of the equipment identified the cause of the failure was due to multiple malfunctioning components. The central board of the drive needed to be replaced. Additionally, the wireless i/o radio had failed as well as the rod pump controller required the installation of a new power supply.

Due to the engineer’s expansive drive control knowledge and access to Expanse’s extensive inventory of quality OEM drive components, the troubleshooting, replacement, and repair of all three malfunctioning components was completed in a single day.

The pumping unit was safely restarted and production commenced resulting in a savings of 300-500 bbls of potential lost production for the operator.

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Project resulted in a savings of 300-500 bbls in potential lost production for the operator.

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