Reduce Communications Costs in the Field

Having access to operational data in real time is now a requirement for most producers to efficiently manage their operations and cut costs. Cost effective communication solutions are integral to achieving those goals. Expanse’s automation and communications solutions can support operators in designing, installing and maintaining these networks.

Why network with Wireless Radio Frequency (RF)?

Customers have several options for setting up and maintaining a network in the field. Wireless radio frequency equipment are often a more cost effective method than cellular for connectivity, enabling customers to optimize the number of cellular modems to transmit data.

How does that save customers money?

By privatizing their network with Wireless RF, customers can limit the number of modems in their geographical area. This eliminates the number of cellular modems needed and results in savings of $240 to $600 annually per modem.

How quickly can this solution be deployed?

A qualified member of the Expanse team will conduct a field assessment of a customer’s current deployment to evaluate:

  • Desired Application (telemetry data, video surveillance, wireless access, bandwidth requirements)
  • Topography
  • Path Studies (anticipated signal levels, Fresnel zone infringements, link budget)
  • Deployed Technology
  • Security Audit

Following this assessment, Expanse will provide the customer with recommendations to optimize their network, reduce their costs, and ensure all measuring, monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities are maintained.

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Benefits of Wireless RF
  • Privately Networked – Reduce expenditures on monthly cellular services.
  • Enhanced Security – Less exposure to hacking/ exploitation compared to cellular and broad band internet systems
  • System Integration – Integrate IT and operational technologies to optimize field management remotely
  • Video Security – More cost effectively visually monitor locations to reduce theft and enforce accountability with contractors and employees
  • Deployment/Scalability – Easily and rapidly deploy additional locations utilizing the Wireless RF infrastructure

Service Spotlight

Real Customers, Real Savings.

A West Texas Permian Basin Oil & Gas producer was looking to reduce their $65,000 annual operation costs for 138 locations utilizing cell modems. After conducting a field audit, Expanse identified savings of $60,000 per year by implementing a Wireless network to reduce cell modems. The capital required to implement this solution was recovered within three months based on the monthly cell provider savings.


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