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Utilizing Single RTU Device to Control and Monitor Modulated Valves Results in $15,000 Savings

A private exploration and production company added a gas lift prefabricated skid to its site that did not have the correct hardware to control the modulating valves and interface with the other site equipment. Looking for the best and most economical solution they turned to Expanse.

The hardware supplied with the equipment required an additional processor to interface with all the site components and meet networking requirements. The customer wanted the equipment running in days, not weeks, and the controller had not yet been programmed for the application.

The exploration and production company contacted multiple companies to determine the most viable and cost-effective solution. Expanse was chosen to move forward with the execution of the project successfully demonstrating the ability to provide a full functioning flow computer while retaining the RTU’s inherent logic programmability in one easy-to-integrate device.

The SCADAPack RTU saved the customer an estimated $15,000 versus other proposed solutions. In addition, the smaller unit resulted in space savings on the well rack. The client is exploring making the combined unit standard on all sites moving forward.

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This SCADAPack RTU implementation resulted in a savings of $15,000 versus other proposed solutions.

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