SCADA Remote Monitoring


Operators need accurate and timely data from the field to efficiently manage their operations and cut costs. Expanse provides turnkey monitoring services including equipment sales, automation and communications installation, SCADA solutions and maintenance services.

Why utilize remote monitoring?
Customers across the country, regardless of the basin they operate in, the characteristics of their wells or the size of their team, must monitor well diagnostics to make operational, maintenance and troubleshooting decisions. How and when they have access to the data to make these decisions influences their ability to be profitable.

Expanse’s SCADA solutions give customers access to real-time data, anytime, anywhere which can help them:

  • Adjust Production
  • Generate accurate and timely internal/external reports
  • Prevent Spills
  • Reduce Costs
  • Enhance Safety

How does it save customers money?
Field personnel often spend more time driving, taking measurements and completing paperwork than managing and repairing wellsite malfunctions. Through Expanse’s SCADA solutions, field personnel can more effectively manage a greater number of locations, saving their company time and money.

  • Decreases the amount of miles a pumper drives because they have better visibility into which fields need attention — less wear and tear of vehicles and less money spent on gas.
  • Allows for “pump by exception” approach so sites that require attention and expertise are first ones addressed — reducing mechanical failures, optimizing production and reducing occurrence of spills.
  • Enables better control so decisions to slow down or speed up operations can be made (on-site or remotely) with real-time data and by lessening the risk of damage to equipment over the life of the well.
  • Reduces the number of people required to service wellsites — manpower savings.
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Real Customers, Real Savings.

A Permian Basin oil operator with 170 wells asked Expanse to evaluate their sites and establish remote monitoring capabilities to achieve identified objectives. The objectives were to reduce costs, eliminate a lag in getting field data to the office, and troubleshoot problems before they affected production or caused spills. Expanse implemented remote monitoring at a number of the customer’s tank batteries and the results were immediate:

  • Reduced the occurrence of spills and associated liabilities. Company saves over $20K in remediation costs for every small spill it averts.
  • Lowered fuel costs by not visiting locations with low production or that are geographically remote.
  • Avoided lost production time by preventing spills and unanticipated equipment malfunctions.
  • Cost savings more than paid for the annual SCADA hosting costs.
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