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Expanse’s VFD Exchange Program Saves Producer Nearly $30,000 in Potential Lost Production

A pumping unit for a major oil producer’s well was down. The equipment outage resulted in a total loss of production at the facility. In the past, it was common to bring in remote technicians and wait on the repair center to return the restored unit.

If the problem was something requiring a new or repaired VFD, it could mean the pumping unit would potentially be down for days or weeks waiting for repair. Many existing drive units are obsolete and may not be manufactured at this time. A repair center can be located many states away from the equipment location.

The operator reached out to Expanse to troubleshoot the issue. An Expanse drive services technician was sent out immediately. The technician identified that the pump’s VFD power section had failed and needed to be replaced. Typically, it would require that someone was sent out to remove the drive, ship it to the repair facility, perform the repair, and then send it back. Instead, Expanse had a fully rebuilt VFD, complete with all new power section components, in inventory ready for installation.

The readily available VFD combined with the Expanse technician’s expertise enabled the well to be repaired and operational within a few hours of being on location. Expanse’s fast service turnaround time prevented the well from being offline for up to two weeks, preventing the loss of 420 barrels of oil or $28,500 worth of production.

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Project resulted in a savings of nearly $30,000 in potential lost production for the operator.

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