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Simplify Your RTU, PLC and Flow Computer Integration with Expanse

In the past, setting up gas flow measurement systems required multiple components. Typically, you could only find best-in-class flow computers that lacked good programmable logic controller (PLC) functionality or vice versa. Expanse now offers the best of both worlds in one device, combining Schneider Electric’s superior PLC software (Unity Pro) with the SCADAPack RTU and Realflo. The result is a single unit, versatile flow computer that is easily integrated and well suited to a wide variety of oil and gas, water, and wastewater applications.

This combined unit is ideal for automation applications requiring flow measurement meeting API compliance requirements, a PLC for process control and an RTU for SCADA applications. The joint hardware and software technologies provide custody transfer flow measurement for one to ten flow runs. It converts an RTU into a full functioning flow computer while enhancing the RTU’s process logic capability.

The Expanse Advantage
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  • Advanced Automation and Control Integration and Programming Insight
  • Certified UL Control Panel Manufacturer
  • Electrical Schematics with Every Order
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Utilizing Single RTU Device to Control and Monitor Modulated Valves Results in $15,000 Savings

A private exploration and production company added a gas lift prefabricated skid to its site that did not have the correct hardware to control the modulating valves and interface with the other site equipment. Looking for the best and most economical solution they turned to Expanse…

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Benefits of Expanse's Combined Flow Computer PLC Device

Advanced Technology

Combines Best-In-Class
Technology and Software
with Simple User Interface

Increased Efficiency

Produces Significant Cost
Savings by Eliminating Need
for Separate Flow Computer

Small Footprint

Minimizes Footprint by
Saving Space On-Site

Quick Deployment

Easy Setup and
Integration Process

Features & Benefits

RTU Integration

  • Flexible protocol implementation
  • Tagged (named) object database
  • Microsoft® Excel export and import of database objects
  • X70 Logic editor
  • Remote maintenance
  • Remote ready hardware
  • Intuitive and convenient environment for configuration, diagnostics, and field capture of flow data
  • Calibration and configuration wizards for easy and effective setup, field calibration, and verification
  • API 21.1 and 21.2-compatible audit trails and flow calculations facilitate data capture and reporting
  • Multi-variable sensor/transmitters provide high-accuracy measurements directly to the flow computer
  • Support for the latest generation of SCADAPack Smart RTUs
SCADA Pack for RTU

Oil & Gas Applications

  • Upstream gas and liquid production measurement and automation
  • Production optimization
  • Separator measurement
  • Allocation and proration measurement
  • Natural gas measurement in midstream and gas transmission
  • Support for Realflo™ Flow Computer, SCADAPack Smart RTU based flow measurement application, providing flow computation for natural gas, hydrocarbon liquids and produced water
  • Tank monitoring and automation
  • Well test automation
  • Well production and optimization

Water & Wastewater Applications

  • Leakage detection
  • Equipment monitoring and control
  • Water quality monitoring
  • Irrigation
  • DMAs (District Metering Areas), PMAs (Pressure Monitoring Areas)
  • Monitoring flow / level / pressure and temperature
Water irrigation
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